Signs That You Are Spending Too Much Time On Social Media

There are many people who have already noticed this but it was only later that the people began to realize that they are spending too much time in social media. The usual 30 minutes spent during the morning to check messages and status on Facebook became 1 hour then eventually got longer. Here are the common signs that show that you are indeed one of those hooked on social media.

Social media will take all your time

Social media are made and designed to take your time. Updating your account as well as checking out other people’s status in LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, Vine, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can take as much time writing an entire entry of your blog. The actual blogging part is actually less than your engagement part. There was a study conducted to test the actual time spent in social media. There was not one subject tested but two. They worked very hard and they actually spent the entire day engaging in the social media, yet for them the entire day seem not enough. They didn’t even write a single post.

Social networking has hidden dangers for teens

Social networking has hidden dangers for teens

Be wary about the time you spend in other sites

Blogging and social media can be compared to renting and owning a house. When you have a blog, you actually own that blog because you can do anything about it. In social media, you are actually renting a space because you have to conform to the standards imposed by social media. If you invest in your blogging, you are actually trying to increase its value. When you try to invest in social media, you are actually investing in someone’s website because in the first place it was not yours. Social media constantly changes their term of use and as user you have no choice but to conform.

Tips to determine the right amount to spend on social media

If you are not able to find a benefit in social media, then don’t spend time in it. You should only be spending time on social media if you can get something from like customers to your business and online business contacts. If you are a blogger, stop procrastinating and start working on your blog. Instead of engaging in social media, you should spend your time improving the design of your blog, improving your craft and have as much blog posts as possible.

Why Celebrities Spend So Much Time Tweeting About Startups

Why Celebrities Spend So Much Time Tweeting About Startups

How to control your social media addiction

You probably wished that you could have posted your entry instead of spending time in social media. Just remember that even without updating your social media page, the social media will continue to exist so there is no reason to spend too much time in it. Here are some tips on how to control your social media addiction. First, schedule your social media. You can send posts but enter only custom posts. Second, limit the time you spend on social media. Try to visit only on specific times of the day.

Third, follow only those that you truly like and not because you want to have a following on your own.

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5 Reasons Why Jealousy Is Healthy

Entering into a relationship is somewhat a quirky process. You might experience the ultimate happiness being someone whom you love, but at the same time you feel the jitters that somehow you would want it to last.

Security in a relationship is one of the primary reasons why many are jealous of their partners in a relationship. You feel the need to cling to your partner hoping she won’t leave or desert you. Often, the case you nip in is the bud of any deterioration of your partner’s feelings or emotional attachments.

Jealousy - when it's all about you

Jealousy – when it’s all about you

Being jealous is a normal aspect of being in a relationship; it shows that we care for our partner and how we value him or her. However, expressing that jealousy could also backfire and result in untangling that bond. Extreme fits of jealousy would hinder the relationship to grow and often the case is the main reasons for many breakups.

On the other hand, being not jealous would also be a sign that there is something wrong with the relationship a sign that the embers of love has faded.

In this article we would be discussing the 5 main reasons why you should be jealous in the relationship, and why this is healthy:

Advertise that Love

Being jealous means telling your partner that he or she is still valued. Your boyfriend or girlfriend would still feel she is still the very important person in your life and would know that you are doing your best to secure that relationship.

Mental Health: How to Overcome Jealousy in A Relationship

Mental Health: How to Overcome Jealousy in A Relationship

Be a Pro-active Lover, Not a Passive One

One of many break-ups is that one or two couples have become passive for comfort. Jealousy means you are pro-active and won’t take a single form of flirtation from other people. Often if left disregarded that simple flirtation would lead to something else. Just to illustrate this point is a story about my friend Andrew and Jen his girlfriend for 5 years. Andrew seemed too much secure and complacent in his relationship and I warned her about Jen who works for a marketing company, he tells me she receives some flirtatious advances from her officemates and he don’t seem to mind since he’s secured with Jen. Until later I found out that Jen had carried on a passionate affair with an officemate. Jen admitted the affair started out as somewhat harmless advances thru personal email.

It Keeps You on Your Toes

Being jealous relies much on instinct, if you have an instinct that something is not right with your partner then express it. It shows your partner that he or she is watching you.

Relishing Your Commitment

Being jealous is meant to show your partner that he or she is in a commitment and that includes being committed to be faithful and loyal. If you don’t show jealousy or nonchalant about it then it gives the wrong signal to your partner that you are not committed or it’s a temporary fling.

It Shows Your True Character

Okay sometimes when we are in relationship we put our best foot forward, but what if we are passionate individuals? Do we not get misconstrued? Being jealous, if it is in your nature, brings much dimension to your true persona. If your partner accepts who you are then she would adjust or you would adjust to this personality. Also, s/he won’t do anything to make you jealous.

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5 Warning Signs Of An Eating Disorder To Watch Out For

Cases of eating disorders have grown tremendously in the last couple of decades. The pressures of a cut-throat and extremely fast-paced urban life and the growing value placed on physical looks as shown in fashion magazines and on television can take a heavy toll on anyone. Girls are more susceptible to crack under pressure and to break down from all forms of anxiety. The following are signs that a person is suffering from an eating disorder:

Hair and fingernails become brittle and weak

One of the most common signs of an eating disorder especially among women is brittle hair and fingernails. The lack of vitamin supply of the body particularly iron causes this condition. In extreme cases, hair eventually falls out. The skin of most patients appears sallow and grey, too. Insufficient amount of zinc can cause the skin to become dry and cracked. In addition, those suffering tend to grow a fine layer of bodily hair which is the body’s defence response to the cold. Most of these signs can appear within weeks of starvation.

A Visual Guide to Understanding Eating Disorders

A Visual Guide to Understanding Eating Disorders

Bulimics often have yellow and cracked teeth

Bulimics have distorted body image and delusional fear of being overweight that they force themselves to vomit. This habit can cause severe damage to the esophagus and the oral cavity. Commonly, those afflicted have yellow teeth which are the result of stomach acids dissolving the enamel or the outer layer of teeth. Bulimics also tend to have bite marks at the back of their fingers which they use to gag so look for such marks. In patients who have recently vomited, eyes may appear red because of erupted blood vessels from the pressure of vomiting. Among anorexics, extreme wasting away and a bony frame are give-away signs.

Patients often have low self-esteem

One reliable indicator of an eating disorder is poor self-esteem. The patient may suffer from delusions about her physical appearance and often lack eye contact, have slumped shoulders, and have poor hygiene. Patients may also try to cover up their condition by an uncomfortable layering or piling up of clothes. Anorexics are private eaters and the lack of nutrition is often followed by episodes of depression.

5 Warning Signs of Unhealthy Crash Dieting & Eating Disorders

5 Warning Signs of Unhealthy Crash Dieting & Eating Disorders

Women with severe cases lose their monthly period

Women who excessively restrict their diet especially their calcium intake often show alarming signs specifically stoppage of the menstrual cycle. This is a surefire sign of extreme anorexia and anybody showing this symptom needs immediate medical attention and help. Anorexia is listed as the psychiatric disorder with the highest mortality rate.

Overall change in appearance and lifestyle

It should be easy for you to tell what is normal and not normal in your friend’s behavior and attitude. If you notice any suspicious shifts in behavior such as growing unnaturally secretive or going on an obsessive exercise regimen, you should seek help for your friend immediately. Ask her if something is bothering her. An old photo is also a good way of telling that someone’s overall health condition is failing.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are serious illnesses so if you suspect that your friends, relatives, or anyone you know are suffering from any of these, you should do all means to get medical intervention. In many instances, the body rapidly deteriorates which eventually leads to death.

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5 Questions You Should Ask A Financial Advisor

There are many reasons why people need financial advisors. Some need help on how they can get rid of debts and grow their assets. Others simply want an expert to help them manage their finances. When you look for a financial advisor, make sure to check several candidates. You only want to hire the right person. Here are 5 questions you shouldn’t forget to ask before making the choice:

  1. What is your ideal client?

Every financial advisor is an expert in a certain area. When you ask this question, you’ll know the advisor’s expertise. You only want to work with a person who has worked with so many people whose needs were similar to yours. For instance, if you’re a few years from retirement, you want an advisor who has worked with people from your age group and not someone who has worked with younger individuals.

5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Financial Advisor: Answered

5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Financial Advisor: Answered

  1. What are your qualifications?

Never hesitate to ask questions pertaining to a person’s qualifications. Do they have a degree relevant to their work? Are they updated with laws? You want an advisor who has extensive knowledge regarding the business. You may also want to ask for a couple of references as well as a name of a former client.

  1. Can you tell me more about your experience as an advisor?

There are a lot of questions to ask when it comes to a person’s experience. How long have they been working as an advisor? Where have they worked? How often did they shift from one job to the other? Asking the right questions allows you to know the advisor’s strengths as well as their weaknesses.

  1. How many clients do you have?

An advisor that has way too many clients may not have enough time to help you and may assign you to a junior. Also, ask about the assets that each client has. If it’s way too much than yours, your advisor may not take you and your assets seriously. Simply put, you won’t get the assistance you need.

Awkward Questions You Need to Ask Your Financial Advisor

Awkward Questions You Need to Ask Your Financial Advisor

  1. How do clients pay you?

What you want is an honest answer. All fees should be explained to you. Don’t just accept a general answer. When the advisor says that you don’t need to pay anything or that their company pays them, you should probe more. There are fees that have to be paid whenever you hire an advisor. Sometimes the fees are hidden, so don’t forget to ask about commission rates. You should likewise know all the things that they are licensed to sell.

Hiring a financial advisor is an investment on your end. You want to spend your money wisely so don’t be afraid to ask. Remember that you’re going to shell out money for the advisor’s expertise whether you earn or lose money. After all, your financial advisor is there to help you. You don’t want to put yourself into a bigger financial hole just because you didn’t ask these questions and you ended up with the wrong person.

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Inspiring Employees To Work Harder

Employees are like the worker ants of an ant colony. A business will never thrive if everyone part of it does not work hand in hand to build a steady foundation. The future and success of a company all depends on how effective and efficient all subordinates do their part or role.

IF one does not fulfill his duties and responsibilities as an employee of a business establishment, expect the company to be affected and encounter significant losses. Sometimes this happens because there are workers who are not satisfied with what they do because they feel it’s not worth it. As the employer, you have to do everything that it takes to make sure your employees are satisfied and happy. Otherwise, your company is affected.

How to motivate staff when money is tight

How to motivate staff when money is tight

Make a Pleasing and Happy Working Environment

Employees spend most of their time at work getting stuck on their desks for many hours. It is essential to make the working environment pleasant and happier so that they will always have a reason to wake up early in the morning and get excited to come to work.

You can do this by creating adequate space for them to walk around. This will make them happier if they have more space to walk around. Ensure that the temperature is just right, meaning not too cold or not too hot. This will make them focus with their work.

Use the Wall Space to Your Advantage

Every business establishment has an employee wall. This is where they put announcements, memos, schedule of activities, and more. Almost all employees pass by here and take a look at what’s new on the wall.

To make it livelier and catch the attention of everyone, try to make a wall where everyone can interact. Post pictures, birthday events or dates, some personal info, and more. This way everyone can share and have fun. Place posters or cards on motivation so that your employees will always see it every time they pass by the wall.

Do employers need to work harder at inspiring their workers' loyalty, thus promoting continuity and reducing turnover?

Do employers need to work harder at inspiring their workers’ loyalty, thus promoting continuity and reducing turnover?

Provide Snacks for Everyone to Enjoy

Employees love incentives because it adds up to their salary. But there’s nothing better than to have free food as an incentive. It’s a good way to inspire and motivate them not to mention it also replenishes them to work harder now that they’re tummies are satisfied.

Try to order or cater foods for your employees once in a while. This makes them happy knowing that you appreciate what they’re contributing to make your company better and successful.

An ant colony will not be possible without the collective efforts of every worker ant. It’s much like the same as running a business. It will not thrive, grow, or become successful without every employee being on the same page and under one goal. Therefore, treat everyone well and make them happy.  

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