How to Be a Responsible Camper


Camping is a great outdoor activity that not only allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty. It can also raise awareness on the need to protect the environment. But as some wildfires show, campers can unwittingly cause a lot of damage through irresponsible behaviors. A responsible camper’s goal is to leave as little trace as possible that can potentially disturb or cause damage to an area. Here are some tips to responsible camping tips to keep in mind before heading out into the wild.

Respect the wildlife. The great outdoors is home to different species of wildlife. And when you are out in the wilderness, you will likely camp out in places where animals live. Do not seek them out and avoid interactions as it could disrupt their natural behaviors in the wild. Do not feed them or get near them to take photos. Keep your distance and make little noise.

Make as little noise as possible. Avoid camping in big groups which could inevitable create more noise. Bigger groups also tend to create more disturbances in the camp area’s surroundings. Always be conscious of the presence of wildlife in the area even if you cannot see them.

Avoid camping out near bodies of water. Animals also rely on ponds, lakes, or other bodies of waters for drinking. Setting up camp near a body of water could scare away the wildlife thus keeping them away from their water source.

Keep fire safety in mind. Campfires can cause wildfires which can be a danger to you, the wildlife, and the natural environment around you. Make sure to keep safety in mind when starting a fire for cooking or for warmth. Choose the safest place you can find away from flammable organic materials. Do not throw combustible items on the fire as that could potentially spark a bigger fire. Pay attention to wind conditions and never leave a campsite without checking first if the campfire is completely out.

Clean as you go. Do not leave any trash or leftover foods behind. Make sure that there are no scraps of food left that may attract animals. Pick up any rubbish you may find along the way.

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