Wildfire Prevention

How to Prevent a Wildfire


Wildfire or wildland fire destroys everything in its path. The destruction leaves people, wildlife, and natural habitats with losses that may be hard to recover or replace. While wildfires can occur naturally, many incidences have been known to be caused by human error. People play a big role in preventing wildland fires that can save lives, properties, and natural environment and all the living things that inhabit it. Here are some of wildfire prevention tips that can go a long way in protecting wildlands and forests from destruction.

  • Know and follow all the laws and rules related to wildlife prevention in your area. Find out about potential fire hazards and risk ratings.
  • Always check the weather first before burning anything at your yard. Check wind direction and speed before doing any yard burning.
  • Do not burn combustible materials. Check whatever items you are throwing into the fire. Make sure that the fire is controllable. Check your surroundings and know how to stop the fire before it spreads quickly.
  • Inform park personnel or the authorities if you notice an unattended fire.
  • Do not throw away flammable materials or lit cigarettes at all times.
  • Make sure to douse campfires properly before leaving. Check at least twice to make sure that there are no remaining embers that may accidently start a fire.
  • Do not use fireworks in near woodlands or forests or in areas with dry grass and trees.